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image One of the biggest challenges growing your professional network through events is being able to identify target clients or industries effectively. We have done all the hard work for you by separating over 35 Industries, letting you get the most out of our events.

Check-In Process - Upon entry in into the venue, event attendees will be greeted by a Network & Social brand ambassador to assist with the check-in process. Before checking in, attendees are required to present verification of their ticket purchase either by last name or e-ticket to the brand ambassador. Once verified, attendees will be given a sponsored drink/refreshment ticket to use at their digression during the first hour of the event.

The attendee will then be asked to select a name badge matching their particular vertical/industry. To make the event easier to manage, we also list the Top 20 careers we see at our events for the vertical/industry. This process has two purposes; the first is to let other attendees know your name and what it is you do, and the second is take the pressure out of approaching other professionals in similar industries. Events last for 3 hours, and attendees are urged to stay for the duration of the event because many other attendees show up later than planned for the event.

Check-In Breakdown - Looking for even more specifics about the professionals we see at our monthly events? If so, you can Contact Us requesting more information about your particular vertical/industry. Although we do not give out attendees contact information without their approval, we can still help you prepare and get the most out of the event.