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Network & Social Entrepreneurial Network (NSEN)

image In conjunction with Student Entrepreneur organizations throughout the country, the mission of Network & Social Entrepreneurial Network (NSEN) is to help students pursue their passion for entrepreneurship through structured, positive, and professional events which enables them to successfully master the principles of effective social entrepreneurship. Working hands-on with students throughout the process will to help them promote individual growth, improve personal development, and increase alumni engagement. If you are a student that is Interested in learning more about NSEN near your campus, or how to get involved with the program, Contact Us Today.

The landscape of today’s business environment has never been more challenging. Traditional methods of meeting new business clients or partners through referrals are simply not as effective any more. Employers now expect young professionals not only to adapt to rapidly changing technologies, but also build brand awareness through self-marketing and networking. Being able to confidently sell oneself as a professional has become more important than selling a product or service in many circumstances. Having an entrepreneurial mindset has not only become a key to success, but an essential fundamental for professional development.

image If having an entrepreneurial mindset is a key to success, why do so many young professionals have trouble adapting to this way of thinking? This can stem from a number of factors, but a large percentage of young professionals simply lack the confidence to market an idea or themselves effectively. Self-confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of becoming a successful entrepreneur, yet so many people struggle to find it. Entrepreneurs who lack self-confidence can find it difficult to become successful. For example, investors may be reluctant to fund a project that is pitched by someone who appears nervous or self-conscience in front of others.

A confident entrepreneur who has been given the proper tools and communication methods may find it easier to generate interest in their idea. A confident Entrepreneur is someone who has learned to speak clearly, hold their head high, is assertive, and knows when to readily admit when he or she does not know something. Likewise, gaining the confidence of others allows entrepreneurs to believe in their ideas, and pursue their goals more passionately. The vision behind Network & Social Entrepreneurial Network (NSEN) is to instill self-confidence in every student entrepreneur, which in turn will help them inspire confidence in their peers, bosses, customers, and colleagues.

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Network Social

Network & Social Entrepreneurial Network