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image Are you looking for a better way to Network and Socialize in your city? If so, it is time you join our network! Whether you are looking to enhance your career, or create long-term relationships, we are connecting top professionals and social enthusiasts throughout the country!

Based in Chicago, Network & Social is one of the fastest growing networking organizations in the country. Reaching over 100,000 professionals and collegiate entrepreneurs from over 35 Industries throughout the country, Network & Social hosts monthly networking events and charitable fundraisers which cater to industry professionals and social enthusiasts just like you. Events are structured to help professionals promote individual growth, enhance personal development, and improve communication their skills. We strive to give professionals an innovative way to grow their network, by providing a relaxed atmosphere for them to market themselves or their company effectively.

With a network that reaches over 100,000 business professionals throughout the country, we are sure to have something for every career background! Our events range in size from 50-300 professionals and take place in your cities top nightlife destinations, venues, and restaurants. Not only are we giving professionals a better way to build their network of business contacts, but we are also spotlighting local business and charitable efforts at each of our events.

image Network:  Tired of the results you have been getting after attending other networking events in your city? Let us enhance your experience, as well as improve results with our industry leading relationship management tools. Our network database gives us the ability to attract various industries, or target vertical specific industries at our events. Network & Social has connected thousands of professional and entrepreneurs throughout the country. We guarantee you will meet some great new contacts with career aspirations similar to yours.

Connect:  Networking is just the beginning of what we offer at Network & Social events. Our charitable fundraisers bring a new level of excitement to events, giving attendees a chance at winning great prizes and travel. You will also get a chance to learn more about local charitable organizations, and connect with people that share the same philanthropy interests as you. Are you part of an organization that you want to feature at one of our upcoming events?
Learn more how at Partner Charities.

Socialize:  It is amazing the confidence that comes with being comfortable in front of other people. Our mission here at Network & Social is to create a social experience in a professional atmosphere that professionals of all career backgrounds can find value in. Join us today as we help your personal and professional network grow, and introduce you to some amazing people in your city. Be sure to visit our Staff Bios page as well to learn more about our team!

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